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Silent Disco Fitness Suite


 So What Is It?!

Wireless Fitness is simple-to-use equipment made up of a small transmitter, wireless headphones and a microphone. 

Seen a Silent Disco take place? Well our technology is like that, but much better – we have a built-in microphone and we’re completely portable. 

The equipment is super easy to use and very hygienic. Better still it allows fitness instructors to: 

-          Run any music-based exercise class outdoors, without disturbing anyone nearby; Zumba? Great! Insanity? Go for it! Any Les Mills class? Perfect!

-          Add music to existing outdoor classes – e.g. Bootcamps – to make them more motivating and to really stand out from the competition

-          Use areas with specific noise restrictions

-          Keep noisy indoors classes quiet – when there’s an open Spin studio next to the weights area in a gym

As an exclusive retailer, Outdoor Fitness Equipment customers receive Wireless Fitness products at reduced prices!


How Does It Work?!

  1. The instructor wears our small transmitter and plugs in the mic we provide and their music source (e.g. an iPod)
  2. The class wear a pair of our comfortable wireless headphones
  3. When the instructor presses play and starts speaking, only the class hear their voice and music
  4. That’s it! 

The kit is rechargeable and the transmitter has a range of up to 40m. Plus one transmitter can support unlimited headphones, so you can run massive classes! 

Stop hiring expensive exercise studios for your classes; head out in the Great Outdoors for free and grow your business using the unique Wireless Fitness technology.


What Do I Get?!

Each kit comes complete with;

1 x Transmitter

1 x Microphone

Charging Cables

Handy Case to keep it all neatly stored.


What If I Don't Like It?!

We also offer a 14 day ‘cooling off’ period – after payment, should you decide that Wireless Fitness isn’t for you, simply return the equipment to us in the same state it went out for a full refund.


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