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Core-X Fitness Weighted Vest

Part of the CoreX Fitness range, this weighted vests is designed for those extreme athletes who want to pack on weight to add resistance to regular exercise. Ideal for military training, the vest can be worn whilst running, lifting and a whole range of other exercises to increase strength, balance and endurance to the maximum.

The vest uses 2 layers of nylon fabric with foam padding inside for comfort against the body. This is an important part as vests made of nylon mesh with no padding are very uncomfortable, therefore not practical for training. The vest is comprised of 16 individual weight bags, each weighing between 1kg and 1.25kg, fit snugly in its own strapped pocket so it does not move around whilst in use.

The individual weight bags, secured with Velcro closure, are filled with iron ore sand that is dense and heavy - minimize the weights volume. So you can have the added resistance without the inconvenience of an extremely bulky training vest. They are double sealed to prevent splitting with one layer of thick plastic plus one layer of nylon bagging, which will also help to slide the bags into the pockets easily.

- Improves muscular endurance,
- Enhanced core strength,
- Improves speed & agility,
- Weight loss,
- Improves aerobic capacity.

You need to slowly adjust to carrying the extra weight as the sudden change can cause serious injury if not added gradually. Your shoulders will ache initially due to the extra weights and your legs will not have the strength to stabilize the body. For this reason, we do not suggest putting all 16 bags in the pockets to begin with. Please take at least few weeks before using the full load.

- 16 removable iron ore sand bags,
- Each bag weighs approx. 1kg-1.25kg,
- 16 individual pockets,
- Vest has nylon shell with foam sandwiched inside,
- Adjustable Fit,
- Personalise weight distribution.

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