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Core-X Fitness Wall Ball

The Leather Medicine Ball from CoreX Fitness is a great tool for increasing core strength, abdominal muscle definition and cardio fitness.

Extremely versatile, you can use medicine balls for various exercises including throws, sit ups, lunges, push-ups, slams, squats and much more. Use in conjunction with a Gym Ball to improve balance and core strength or hold during squats or lunges to boost your training up a notch.

Made from high quality PU Leather, these medicine balls are a great way to add weight resistance to your workout. Complete with textured surface for easy grip and colour coded for easy identification, these are ideal additions to your routine.


- Versatile training tool,
- Increase core-strength,
- Made from high quality, durable PU Leather,
- Sand filled for no bounce back,
- Ideal for slams/throws.

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