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Core-X Fitness Rope Medicine Ball

The Rope Medicine Ball from CoreX Fitness is a great tool for increasing core strength, abdominal muscle definition and cardio fitness.

A versatile workout tool, you can use the Rope Medicine Ball for various exercises including, slams, in which you keep a hold of the rope and slam the medicine ball down on the ground before pulling it towards you again, using the rope, and repeat. Alternatively the Rope Medicine Ball is ideal for wall rotations, where you turn side to side with your back against a wall and the medicine ball ricochets off the wall. This is extremely beneficial abdominal workout.

Made from high quality rubber, the Medicine Balls are similar to basketballs in construction with the added weight to add resistance to your workout. Complete with textured surface for gripping and yellow stripe, these are ideal additions to your routine.


- Versatile training tool,
- Increase core-strength,
- Made from high quality, durable rubber,
- Rope made from Nylon strands,
- Textured surface for improved grip.

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