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Core-X Fitness Battle Ropes

Battle Ropes from CoreX Fitness are an amazing, versatile workout tool to improve upper body strength and core fitness.

Battle Ropes can be used for a wide range of exercises; Arm Waves, Double Arm Waves, Double Arm Slam, Jumps, Snakes, Claps, Outside Circles, Squats and much more. Very popular among personal trainers for providing cardio workout with the added benefits of improving upper arm and core strength.

To use, simply wrap the Rope around a bar, tree, training sled, anything which is strong and stable. Then step far enough away to have some slack for movement but almost fully extended. Grab each end with the rubber handles and perform any of the exercises named above. Battle Ropes can be used indoors or outdoors, and are made from strand twisted nylon so they are highly durable and strong.

Available in 3 different lengths/widths find the ideal Battle Ropes for you!

- Highly Versatile workout tool,
- Ideal for upper body/core strength,
- Made from twisted Nylon strands,
- Synthetic Rope will not give Splinters,
- Easy to clean & highly durable,
- Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor use,
- Heat-shrinked handles with rubber grip.

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