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Circuit Ideas #5 - Partner Workout

Circuit Ideas Partner Workout

Circuit Style

Partner Workout

Work Time

Approx. 40 mins 


  1. Power Bag
  2. Pro Med Ball
  3. Curved Mitt
  4. Medicine Ball
  5. Boxing Gloves
  6. Boxing Pad






Plank High Five

Plank High Five – Press Up


Power Bag Pick-Up & Drop* - Light Weight

Power Bag Pick-Up & Drop* - Extra Weight


Sit-Up – Pro Med Ball Pass – Light Weight or No Weight

Sit-Up – Pro Med Ball Pass – Extra Weight


Back to Back Standing Med Ball Pass – Around Chest

Back to Back Seated Med Ball Pass – Around Chest


Boxing Pad Fast Jabs

Boxing Pad Fast Jabs


2-Footed Partner Leap Over – Hands & Knees

2-Footed Partner Leap Over – Plank Position


Back to Back Squat – Med Ball Pass Through Legs – Stand – Med Ball Pass Over Head – Light Weight

Back to Back Squat – Med Ball Pass Through Legs – Stand – Med Ball Pass Over Head – Extra Weight

*Power Bags to be placed in small, boxed off area, a short distance away from either another boxed off area or preferably a surface at chest height.  Athletes take it in turn transporting the Power Bags between the two areas.


Indoors or outdoors, partner off athletes with similar abilities, gender or height.  Exercise 6 will require a short distance of approx. 10 metres for the partners to travel

Lesson Format

  • Athletes will cover off at an exercise station
  • Remind them which direction they are to travel between stations
  • Decide whether you will enforce water breaks or if the athletes are to drink when needed and inform them of your decision
  • The recommended length for each exercise is 1 minute with 20 second breaks in between, allowing enough preparation time for individuals to don the boxing equipment
  • Aim for an even number of 4 complete circuits.  This ensures that each partner is dealt the same amount of total time to conduct the boxing phases of the circuit
  • Each complete circuit should take under 10 mins

Extra Info

  • Ensure you conduct a thorough warm-up and cool-down in line with this circuit and any training you have
  • Comment below if you need clarification for any of the exercises above and feel free to switch in and out your own exercises


Good luck and feel free to post your workout pics to our Facebook Group!


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